Holiday date completely ESCALATED!! Was that my FIRST TIME as an ESC0RT?!

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Description: Actually, it was supposed to be a relaxed party evening with a nice guy that I met on my vacation, but I never thought that it would escalate like that. Admittedly, that he had wanted exactly this outfit was something strange since it was very revealing. But since he was otherwise so nice and I'm on vacation, I thought I'd fulfill his wish. I was with him on time as agreed and made myself comfortable on the sofa. Since he had wanted this outfit so much, I wanted to tease him about it and show him in detail. After all, it looked very cool and hot, I have to admit, and that he couldn't resist for long was somehow clear to me afterwards. Maybe I was a bit too provocative, after all I suddenly felt his hands sliding all over my body and his fingers slowly disappearing into my wet pussy.